The Council of Financial Regulators (CFR) is the coordinating body for Australia’s main financial regulatory agencies. The ACCC is not a member of the CFR, but has been invited to participate on issues relating to contestability and competitiveness. 

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Aims of the forum

The CFR is a non-statutory body whose role is to contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of financial regulation and to promote stability of the Australian financial system.

Members share information, discuss regulatory issues and, if the need arises, coordinate responses to potential threats to financial stability. The CFR also advises Government on the adequacy of Australia's financial regulatory arrangements.

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Related publications

  • Review of competition in clearing Australian cash equities: the CFR 9 June 2015 conclusions paper and the ACCC’s 12 June 2015 letter to the Government in support of the review’s recommendations. The Treasurer released the review with the Government response on 30 March 2016.

  • Regulatory Expectations policy statement: the Regulatory Expectations apply to ASX’s engagement with, and provision of services to, users of its monopoly cash equity CS services for both ASX-listed and non-ASX-listed securities, and aim to address key governance, pricing and access matters.

  • Minimum Conditions (Clearing) policy statement: the Minimum Conditions (Clearing) aim to give potential entrants sufficient clarity as to the measures that the Regulators would require be taken before they could advise in favour of a licence application.

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