Published: 17 June 2013

Summary: Thanks, but no thanks. Know your consumer rights when a salesperson comes knocking.


SALESMAN: Hello there. I’m sorry I hope I’m not interrupting you my name’s Jeff Reynolds, how are you today?

CUSTOMER: I'm fine thank you.

SALESMAN (TO CAMERA): Bam! And we’re off. See you might think I’m just a salesman but to me I’m a sportsman. Selling? It’s a game with just one rule. Keep the ball in play. And how do you do you do that? Keep ‘em talking, ask questions - and nothing that can be 'yes' or 'no.

SALESMAN: You've got some beautiful roses going on out front there. How often are you feeding them?

CUSTOMER: Well you're not supposed to feed roses more than once a year. But I've got this fertiliser and I'm giving them a feed every two months and it’s working wonders.

SALESMAN: Absolutely.

CUSTOMER (TO CAMERA): Oh dear, here I go again. He seems a nice enough fellow though and I really don’t want to be rude to him.

SALESMAN: It’s all about getting the right product isn’t it? A bit like making the right choice with your power supplier. I bet you’ve seen your power bills going through the roof.

CUSTOMER: It’s unbelievable. And I really don't know why.

SALESMAN: And it’s not just you. I’ve spoken to a lot of people around this neighbourhood and most people feel the same way. I mean, the way they write those bills, it’s virtually impossible to know if you’re on the correct rate...

CUSTOMER: Correct rate?

SALESMAN (TO CAMERA): The old 'correct rate' line. A great hook to get a look at their bill. Once you've got the bill it’s game over.

SALESMAN: You don't have a bill handy, do you?

CUSTOMER: No, I haven't got a bill handy, I'm afraid.

CUSTOMER (TO CAMERA): Of course I’ve got one handy but I don’t want to give him one. In fact I’d really rather like him to leave.

SALESMAN: You see most companies don’t want you to know what rate you’re on. At the very least I can have a look at one of your bills and show you how to save some money off your next bill.

CUSTOMER: I really wouldn’t have one handy.

SALESMAN: Do you want to have a quick look? I don’t mind waiting.

SALESMAN (TO CAMERA): I love older people, they’re too polite to say no. Just the leverage I need to make the sale.

CUSTOMER (TO CAMERA): I’ve just got to stop worrying about this and tell him I’m not interested.

CUSTOMER: Look I’m really not interested.

CUSTOMER: Actually that wasn’t so hard.

SALESMAN: I promise you this is truly a win win situation here.

CUSTOMER: Thanks but no thanks.

CUSTOMER (TO CAMERA): Thanks but no thanks. Saying it is easier than you think.