Published: 17 June 2013

Summary: Thanks, but no thanks. Know your consumer rights when a salesperson comes knocking.


CUSTOMER: I really hope it helps. He's really struggling at school and it's not like we're much help.

SALESMAN: Look, you should be congratulated. You're doing the right thing.

CUSTOMER: I hope so. It just feels like an awful lot of money.

SALESMAN: Not when you consider it an investment in your child's future.

SALESMAN (TO CAMERA): Nothing like a little guilt to get the message home.

CUSTOMER: I guess so.

CUSTOMER (TO CAMERA): Still it is expensive. And I really should have run it past Phil before I signed.

CUSTOMER: Is there some sort of test or something we can do to find out if it's working?

SALESMAN: Of course. See, each module has a built in online test and you'll be given the results so you can map your child's progress against the rest of the state.

CUSTOMER: Hmmm. But what if it doesn't work, what if he....

SALESMAN: Well like all educational tools, it does require a level of dedication from the parents as well as the child. As we like to say: it won't work itself out.

CUSTOMER: No, but...

SALESMAN (TO CAMERA): See, this is a classic case of buyer's remorse. She knows she need this but she's a little nervous now that she's signed. I'll just give her a little reassurance and ease my way out.

SALESMAN: No buts about it. This is a powerful educational tool, head and shoulders the best on the market today. This doesn't take your standard classroom approach where kids are expected to sit and listen. Each part of this course is interactive. That means they're forced to be involved in every stage, they're not simply being taught at. And it involves online touchpoints, graphic interfaces and digital downloads. And don't we know how the kids today love being on the computer? As a parent there's always something have to do - but the one thing you don't have to do is worry.

CUSTOMER (TO CAMERA): Now I'm really worried.

CUSTOMER: What happens if I want to change my mind?

SALESMAN: Believe me you won't change your mind. See, once you see the improvement in your child's results you won't be thinking about cooling off you'll be thinking why didn't I do this sooner.

SALESMAN (TO CAMERA): Right time to get outta here. If I give her any more time she's gonna back out before I can even get to the door.

CUSTOMER (TO CAMERA): I'm sure I'm allowed to get out of this.

SALESMAN (TO CAMERA): Which she is. She has ten days from signing the contract to change her mind. No questions asked. But I'm not gonna tell her that right now.

SALESMAN: I'm sure once you've had a chance to use the online tutorials and you see the improvements in your child's test results, believe me, you're gonna be thrilled.

CUSTOMER: I'm really, I know I've signed all the papers but I really think I need to discuss this with my husband.

SALESMAN: Absolutely you should discuss it with your husband. And I'm sure he'll agree that you've made a very important decision today. A decision that will benefit your child for years if not decades to come.

SALESMAN (TO CAMERA): Almost home!

SALESMAN: Congratulations. You have made a...

CUSTOMER: Hmm, no. I'm sorry I really don't think I want your product now.

SALESMAN: Perhaps if we just go through...

CUSTOMER: No. Thanks but no thanks.