Summary:  This film is aimed at educating Indigenous artists about their rights and how to protect themselves from unscrupulous traders.

Published: 30 November 2016

Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are warned that this video may contain the images, voices and names of people who have passed away.


AUNTY EUNICE: Eh, you a big time artist now?

AUNTY MAYBELLE: Who you talkin’ bout?



AUNTY EUNICE: Saw your big painting in that flash shop the other day. Saw this white lady buy it and takin' it all the way to Sydney.

AUNTY MAYBELLE: How you know it mine. I don't sign my paintings.

AUNTY EUNICE: It's yours, like this style. Maybe she pay big money for it, that woman. You may be rich now.

AUNTY MAYBELLE: Nah, let me tell you what happened.

DONALD: Mmmm, not bad, Aunty. I could give you a good price for that. What about $150? Of course, tea, biscuits, bought you lunch, supplied the paint and the canvas, that makes it $100? Good deal, eh?

AUNTY MAYBELLE: That's no good, I did a good one today.

DONALD: Oh Aunty, you know I know all the people in town. You won't get a better deal than this. Anyway, my paint, my canvas - my painting. And you're not the only artist in town. A man like me makes sure all the other galleries don't deal with you. So it really is a good idea that we get along, don't you think?

AUNTY EUNICE: Well that sounds no good.

AUNTY MAYBELLE: I wasn't sure at the time, but I thought he'd know more than me. He gives me Aunty this, Aunty that, eehhh.

AUNTY EUNICE: Sounds like he don't care about you or your culture.

AUNTY MAYBELLE: No, that's why I need to talk to somebody who does.

DONALD: Whoah, that's a nice one Aunty.

AUNTY MAYBELLE: Eehh, I'm not your Aunty.

DONALD: Ehh, why are you mad at me? Don't I always give you a good deal? I could do a good job selling your paintings. I could sell that one too.

AUNTY MAYBELLE: What price you selling it for?

DONALD: You mean what am I buying it for?

AUNTY MAYBELLE: I mean what are you selling it for? And I want it in writing.

DONALD: In writing? What are you talking about? Haven't I always given you a good deal?

AUNTY MAYBELLE: You want a good deal for you and I want a good deal for me.

DONALD: What? What's getting into you?

AUNTY MAYBELLE: I'm on to you. I had a good yarn to somebody who knows about these things. I don't like the way you treat me. I'm going to sell my art to somebody who treats me fair.

DONALD: You'll be sorry Aunty.

AUNTY MAYBELLE: Eeh I'm not your Aunty.

AUNTY EUNICE: That one really nice, I might buy that one myself.

AUNTY MAYBELLE: You better make me good offer. I'm real clever one now! I got in touch with ACCC mob. They put me on to people who know all about selling paintings. They told me to get price up front. If the deal's not fair I can go to someone else.

AUNTY EUNICE: What if the painting sells again for lots more money?

AUNTY MAYBELLE: They said to make sure your copyright and resale royalties are looked after and written down in an agreement.

AUNTY EUNICE: You really good one now!


VOICEOVER: Get agreements in writing and make sure you understand what it says. Report stuff that’s not right to the ACCC on 1300 303 143.