ACCC Shopper app

The ACCC Shopper explains your refund, return, warranty, and lay-by rights. You can use it to:

  • find answers to common shopping questions such as 'Can I get a refund if I change my mind?'
  • set reminders for your lay-bys, warranties and gift vouchers
  • store your receipts as photos on your phone
  • find out what common food labelling claims like 'made in Australia' and 'extra virgin olive oil' mean.

The information provided in the app is based on the Australian Consumer Law. You can read more about your consumer rights and the ACL in our consumer section.

Download the app

The ACCC Shopper app for smart phones and tablets is available for free from iTunes for Apple iOS users, and Google Play for Android users.


Please note: if you are using iOS 7 you need to follow these instructions when adding an item otherwise the app will crash (this is due to an incompatibility issue).

  1. Tap on ‘My Items’ then ‘Add’
  2. Under ‘Item Details’, tap on ‘Brand/Model’ and use the keyboard to enter the details
  3. Using the keyboard, tap on Next
  4. Complete other fields as usual

If you don’t click on ‘Next’, the app will crash if you tap directly on most other fields.