Takata Airbag recalls affecting Australian consumers

A number of car recalls have been announced in Australia due to faulty front passenger and driver airbags. The affected models are listed on our recalls website in the link below.

The latest recalls affects models manufactured from 2003 to 2009. Toyota announced that 181,000 motor vehicles are affected and Honda is recalling 131,775 vehicles. 102,000 Nissan vehicles are also affected but recall arrangements are not finalised.

In 2014, 168,000 motor vehicles were recalled in Australia because of these faulty airbags. Those recalls affected models made from 2000 to 2004.

There have been no injuries reported in Australia as a result of this defect.

The ACCC is currently considering the implications for consumers seeking to exercise their rights under the Australian Consumer Law for vehicles affected by these latest recalls.

If car owners have concerns, you should contact your local dealership or the manufacturer of the vehicle.

Recall notices

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Published date: 
21 May 2015