New water charge rules from July 2020

The ACCC welcomes amendments to the water charge rules designed to improve pricing transparency and make it easier for operators to comply. The changes will commence on 1 July 2020.

Operators’ existing water charge rules obligations will mostly continue under the new rules.

The ACCC will be developing information to help operators to comply with the amended rules. The ACCC will consult with interested parties on the material in due course.

The amendments are intended to:

  • make schedule of charges requirements clearer
  • simplify the calculation of termination fees, and
  • simplify the regulatory framework by largely returning the regulation of water infrastructure charges levied by on-river infrastructure operators back to Basin States.

In 2017 the government implemented the ACCC’s advice to remove Network Service Plan requirements on some operators.

The government has decided not to implement the ACCC’s recommendations regarding distributions and non-discrimination. The ACCC will continue to monitor the charging arrangements and distribution practices of operators in its annual water monitoring report.

For details of the government’s amendments to the water charge rules, see:

Published date: 
9 April 2019