Choosing a new mobile plan this Christmas

If you get a new mobile phone for Christmas you might also decide to sign up to a new mobile plan at the same time. There are lots of different mobile phone plans out there, and finding a plan that suits you can be difficult.

If you do need to pick a new mobile plan over the holidays here are a couple of things you should keep in mind:

  • Think about how much you use your mobile phone and what you use it for. If you know how much data you need, how many calls you make and SMS you send you’ll be able pick a plan that best suits you.
  • Prepaid plans are good if you don’t want to commit to a long term contract. They give you the flexibility to swap between different plans and providers from month to month. They might also suit you if you have trouble managing your data usage, because you won’t be charged excess usage fees if you use up your allowance.
  • Check if the prepaid plans you are considering have extra fees and charges such as security deposits or fees. Find out when your prepaid credit expires and what happens to any unused credit.
  • If you are thinking about getting a postpaid plan make sure you can commit to a 12 to 24 month contract. You will also need to be careful managing your voice and data usage, because you might get charged extra if you go over your monthly plan allowances.
  • If you are on a postpaid plan be aware of the costs of excess data use. Check whether your provider offers data packs that can cover you if you are getting close to using up your allowance.
  • Look at the critical information summary for the plan. It tells you the key information about the plan, like standard charges and termination fees. You can compare the costs and charges of different providers and different plans to choose the plan that best suits your needs.
  • Check that the service provider will be able to give you mobile coverage in the places you will need it most, like your home and workplace.

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Published date: 
19 December 2014