ACCC publishes final copyright guidelines

The ACCC has published guidelines to assist the Copyright Tribunal of Australia in the determination of copyright remuneration (Copyright Guidelines).

Under section 157A of the Copyright Act 1968, the Copyright Tribunal must, if requested by a party or on application, have regard to relevant guidelines (if any) made by the ACCC regarding certain licences and licence schemes. The Copyright Guidelines are designed to assist the Copyright Tribunal in the determination of revenue that is available from collecting societies in the provision of blanket licences.

The Copyright Guidelines may also help collecting societies and copyright users negotiate reasonable copyright remuneration for blanket licences outside of the Copyright Tribunal.

In late 2018, the ACCC conducted a four week public consultation on a draft version of the guidelines. Ten submissions were received, which are available on the ACCC’s public consultation webpage.

The final Copyright Guidelines are published on the ACCC’s website.

Published date: 
11 April 2019