ACCC authorises Gippsland Dairy Farmers collective bargaining

The ACCC has decided to allow collective bargaining by dairy farmers in Gippsland, Victoria with raw milk processors and distributors (milk purchasers). The authorisation granted by the ACCC initially applies to seven dairy farmers and their representatives but new members can join the group.

The collective negotiations are proposed to cover the terms and conditions (including pricing components) of contracts for the supply of raw milk products by each dairy farmer with milk purchasers.Participation in the collective bargaining is voluntary for both farmers and milk purchasers.

Authorisation effectively provides a legal exemption; without it, collective bargaining by dairy farmers who are each other’s competitors may otherwise breach competition laws.

The ACCC has authorised the conduct until 25 September 2028.

Further information, including the ACCC’s determination granting authorisation, is available on the ACCC’s authorisation Public Register.  

Published date: 
4 September 2018