ACCC assessment of competition concerns relating to e-SIMs

The ACCC has today published an update in relation to its recent assessment of e-SIMs in Australia.

The ACCC considered potential competition issues associated with the use and implementation of e-SIMs in our communications sector market study, which concluded in April 2018.

Our final report included the following action item in relation to e-SIMs:

We will explore concerns regarding restrictions associated with e-SIMs (and Apple SIM) adopted by device manufacturers which may restrict competition between service providers in the offering and use of e-SIM devices and how this issue develops as e-SIM based devices become more prevalent (Action 20).

This update reports on our assessment in relation to that action item.

The ACCC considers that e-SIM technology has the potential to promote competition and greater choice in the mobile sector. While we have not identified any evidence of anti-competitive conduct by mobile network operators or device manufacturers, the ACCC remains concerned about the current inability of mobile virtual network operators to support e-SIMs. We therefore propose to continue to keep a close watching brief on the support for, and implementation of, e-SIM technology to ensure the competitive benefits are realised and that competition is not hindered.

For more information see: e-SIMs in Australia.


Published date: 
2 December 2019