Mereenie gas field joint venture allowed to jointly market gas

The ACCC has today issued a determination allowing joint marketing arrangements between the four owners of the Mereenie gas field in the Northern Territory. It is located in the Amadeus Basin, approximately 250 km west of Alice Springs.

Central Petroleum, Macquarie Mereenie, New Zealand Oil and Gas, and Cue Energy are currently the joint venture partners in the field.

Industry allowed to collaborate on AdBlue supply arrangements

The ACCC has granted an urgent interim authorisation permitting manufacturers and other industry stakeholders to collaborate on arrangements for the supply of the diesel exhaust fluid, known as ‘AdBlue’ that is used in most modern diesel vehicles to control noxious emissions.

AdBlue manufacturers are seeking to share information and work together to develop solutions to any potential future shortages of refined urea, a key ingredient in AdBlue, as part of a coordinated government and industry response to current global pressures on the supply of urea.

Shaw Academy to refund students over difficulty cancelling online courses

Shaw Academy Ltd has agreed to refund hundreds of former students after admitting some students experienced difficulties cancelling a free trial offered by Shaw Academy before it became a paid subscription to the company’s online courses.

This follows an ACCC investigation into Shaw Academy, an international online education organisation providing students with online courses.

South Australian education institutions to collaborate for the return of international students

The University of Adelaide, Flinders University, the University of South Australia and other South Australian education providers can collaborate on travel and quarantine accommodation arrangements for the return of international students following an ACCC interim authorisation.

The proposed arrangements prioritise the return of continuing students, including those who need to complete practical or on-site components of their course to progress their studies or to graduate.

NSW and ACT universities to collaborate for the return of international students

The ACCC has made its final decision allowing New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory universities to collaborate on travel arrangements for the return of international students for 15 months.

A recently announced NSW Government pilot plan enables the staggered return of fully vaccinated international students to resume their studies. The first phase of the plan is to bring back 500 students by the end of the year.

Medicine wholesalers to continue to co-operate on COVID-19 response

The ACCC has granted interim authorisation to medicine wholesalers to continue to co-operate in providing fair and efficient access to essential medication and pharmacy products as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

The new interim authorisation also allows the National Pharmaceutical Services Association (NPSA) to collectively negotiate on behalf of its members with the Commonwealth government in relation to possible COVID-19 vaccine distribution arrangements.

ACCC finds Qantas and Japan Airlines alliance not in the public interest

The ACCC has denied authorisation for Qantas (ASX:QAN) and Japan Airlines to coordinate flights between Australia and Japan under the terms of a joint business agreement. The ACCC found that the agreement would likely lead to reduced competition as international travel resumes, to the detriment of passengers travelling between Australia and Japan.

“The ACCC can only authorise an agreement between competitors if it is satisfied the public benefits would outweigh the harm to competition. The alliance did not pass this test,” ACCC Chair Rod Sims said.