ACCC warns small business as 'Yellow Pages' directory scam strikes again

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is warning small business operators to watch out for a business directory scam.

There has been a surge in reports from small businesses who have received a fax claiming to be from ‘Yellow Page Australia’ and ‘Open Business Directory Ltd’. On first glance, the fax appears to be seeking confirmation of the contact details for their business. However on closer inspection, the fax is in fact an agreement to sign up to an online business directory service charged at $99 per month for a minimum two-year period.

Visa holders warned to watch out for potential scammers

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) are warning people who have migrated to Australia or hold a temporary visa to be wary of a scam which may target them.

Scammers impersonating government officials are calling migrants and claiming that there is a problem with their ‘Citizenship and Immigration Services Alien’ (CISA) number. The scam victim is told that they must immediately pay an upfront fee, usually about $900, to fix their CISA number or they risk deportation.

Outsmarting the scammers: National Consumer Fraud Week

ACCC Chairman Rod Sims delivers the opening address to National Consumer Fraud Week releasing the findings of the ACCC's targeting scams report. With a 65 per cent increase in online shopping and auction scams, Mr Sims discusses online consumer issues and some of the wider challenges. He also welcomes research aimed at better understanding scams and the factors which lead people to fall victim.

Australians urged to stay one click ahead of scammers when shopping online

The Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce is urging consumers to stay one click ahead of scammers when shopping online as more and more Australians, and scammers, take advantage of the online environment. 

The Taskforce's National Consumer Fraud Week campaign, ‘Outsmart the scammers!’, which began today, focuses on helping Australians identify online shopping scams so that they can shop safely online without being duped.

Australians lose $93 million to scammers in 2012

ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard has launched the ACCC’s Targeting scams report, which reveals that over $93 million was reported lost by Australians last year. The ACCC received nearly 84 000 contacts in 2012, which showed a 65 per cent increase in reports of online shopping scams.

The launch of the report marks the beginning of National Consumer Fraud Week 2013 with this year’s campaign, ‘Outsmart the scammers!’, which focuses on helping Australians shop safely online.

Targeting scams: report of the ACCC on scam activity 2012

Yearly report produced by the ACCC on scam activity highlighting key trends and impact of scams on the community.