Mandatory standards

Lead & certain elements in children's toys and finger paints: bulletin

This bulletin outlines the acceptable migration levels of lead and other elements in children’s toys and finger paints under the mandatory standard that came into effect on 1 January 2010.

Children's toys containing magnets: bulletin

This bulletin provides information on the mandatory standard for children’s toys containing magnets.

Mandatory reporting for service & technicians: bulletin

This bulletin alerts service agents and technicians to the obligation to report serious injury, illness or death associated with consumer goods.

Prams & strollers - safety requirements: fact sheet

This fact sheet outlines the requirements of the standards for prams and strollers.

Prams & strollers: safety alert

A mandatory safety standard for prams and strollers came into effect from 1 July 2008.

New tobacco health warnings

Suppliers of tobacco within and into Australia have mandatory information requirements for health warnings on all tobacco products.

More toys for under 3s covered by safety standard

Outlines the new requirements of the revised mandatory standard for toys for children under three.

Childrens toys containing magnets: supplier guide

This guide provides a summary of the requirements for the supply of children’s toys containing magnets.

Care labelling for clothing and textile products: supplier guide

Provides an overview of the mandatory requirements for the care labelling of clothing and textile products for suppliers.