Mandatory standards

Big Red Jacks pays penalty for alleged breach of mandatory safety standard

Hai Feng International Pty Ltd, trading as Big Red Jacks Tools & Equipment (Big Red Jacks), has paid a penalty of $12,600 after the ACCC issued an infringement notice. 

The ACCC issued the infringement notice because it had reasonable grounds to believe that Big Red Jacks had supplied a vehicle jack that did not comply with the Consumer Product Safety Standard for Vehicle Jacks.

Safety review of baby bouncers, rockers and inclined sleep products

The ACCC will today begin a safety review of products designed for infants such as bouncers, rockers and inclined sleep products.

The market review will be on inclined baby products used for sleeping, where the baby’s head and back are inclined, and may include a harness or belt to secure the baby into the product.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported that at least 74 infant fatalities have occurred in the United States while using bouncers, rockers and recliners.

Vehicle jacks: supplier guide

This guide provides a summary of the legal requirements for supply of vehicle jacks.

Children's portable folding cots: supplier guide

This guide provides a summary of the legal requirements for supply of children’s portable folding cots, commonly known as folding cots.

Reduced fire risk cigarettes - supplier guide

This guide provides a summary of the requirements for supply of reduced fire risk cigarettes.

Product safety: Mandatory standards & bans

A list of products with mandatory standards regulated by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and enforced by the ACCC.

DEHP in children's plastic products: bulletin

This bulletin outlines requirements of the 18-month interim ban on children’s plastic products with more than 1 per cent by weight diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP).

Toy and nursery update: bulletin

Bulletin to alert suppliers of the mandatory standards for portable folding cots and lead in childrens toys.

Lead & certain elements in children's toys and finger paints: bulletin

This bulletin outlines the acceptable migration levels of lead and other elements in children’s toys and finger paints under the mandatory standard that came into effect on 1 January 2010.