Fuel facts: what drives fuel prices in regional Australia?

Why fuel prices differ in between the city and the country and between country towns.

Fuel facts: Unleaded petrol

Factors that influence the price of unleaded petrol in Australia.

Fuel facts: diesel

Factors that influence the price of diesel fuel in Australia

Fuel facts: automotive LPG

Factors that influence the price of automotive liquefied petroleum gas in Australia

Component pricing - electrical goods, whitegoods and furniture advertising

This business snapshot will inform you about changes to the rules on component pricing that will require you to make clearer price representations to consumers.

Price fixing

It is illegal for competitors to work together to fix prices rather than compete against each other. This conduct restricts competition, and can force prices up and reduce choices for consumers and other businesses.


While the ACCC can’t set supermarket prices, we do require large supermarkets and online stores to display unit prices to help you compare many products. The Australian Consumer Law also protects you against businesses that make false claims about grocery items.

Price displays

There are laws about the way prices are displayed. Prices should be genuine and you should be able to easily see the total price of anything advertised. If multiple different prices are displayed on a product or in advertising, the business has to fix the display or sell you the item for the lowest price.