Consultation on Bingo’s proposed waste divestment

The ACCC is considering whether a proposal by waste company Bingo Industries Limited (Bingo) (ASX: BIN) to divest its eastern Sydney waste processing plant will adequately address the ACCC’s competition concerns about Bingo’s planned acquisition of Dial-a-Dump.

A consultation process, launched today, will seek the views of market participants on whether Bingo’s proposed divestment is likely to address potential competition issues identified by the ACCC.

ACCC will not oppose Thales-Gemalto deal

The ACCC has decided not to oppose Thales S.A.’s proposed acquisition of Gemalto N.V, after accepting a court-enforceable undertaking from Thales to divest part of its business.

French company Thales and Dutch company Gemalto both supply data security products, including enterprise encryption software and hardware security modules (HSM) in Australia.

The ACCC’s investigation focused on the markets for the supply of general purpose (GP) HSMs and payment HSMs.

ACCC identifies concerns about Bingo acquisition

The ACCC has released a statement of issues raising preliminary competition concerns about Bingo’s (ASX: BIN) proposed acquisition of Dial-a-Dump.

Bingo and Dial-a-Dump supply building and demolition (B&D) waste collection and processing services in the Greater Sydney area. Bingo and Dial-a-Dump are also future competitors for non-putrescible, or dry, landfill services when Bingo’s Patons Lane facility becomes operational in 2019.

ACCC will not oppose Santos’ acquisition of Quadrant

The ACCC has decided not to oppose Santos Limited’s (ASX: STO) proposed acquisition of Quadrant Energy Holdings Pty Ltd.

Santos and Quadrant are active in the production and supply of natural gas (and related condensate by-products) and crude oil in Western Australia. The parties also jointly own domestic gas processing facilities and associated fields at Varanus Island and Devil Creek.

ACCC will not oppose Vossloh Austrak deal

The ACCC will not oppose the proposed acquisition of Austrak by Vossloh Australia.

Vossloh and Austrak are suppliers of rail track components. Vossloh supplies rail fastening components and switch systems including turnouts, while Austrak supplies concrete sleepers and bearers.

“There is no horizontal overlap between the products manufactured and supplied by Vossloh and Austrak in Australia. There are vertical links, however, and this is what the ACCC’s investigation focussed on,” ACCC Commissioner Roger Featherston said.

No opposition to Punters’ acquisition of Racenet

The ACCC has decided not to oppose the proposed acquisition of Racing Internet Services Pty Ltd (Racenet) by Punters Paradise Pty Limited (Punters), a subsidiary of News Corp Australia Investments Pty Ltd.

Punters and Racenet are digital platforms that provide racing news and information to consumers through their websites, mobile apps and social media channels.

The parties also earn revenue for referring new customers to corporate bookmakers, by acting as betting affiliates.

ACCC will not oppose Nine-Fairfax merger

The ACCC has announced today it will not oppose the proposed merger between Nine Entertainment (ASX: NEC) and Fairfax Media (ASX: FXJ/DHG).

The ACCC examined a number of markets affected by this proposed merger. Australian news, including online news, current affairs reporting and investigative journalism, was the key issue, and in particular whether the merger would substantially lessen competition in the creation and provision of Australian news content.

ACCC will not oppose Cabcharge’s acquisition of MTI

The ACCC will not oppose the proposed $6.6 million acquisition by Cabcharge Australia Limited (ASX:CAB) of Mobile Technologies International Pty Ltd (MTI).

MTI is the most widely used provider of taxi dispatch systems to taxi networks in Australia.

The ACCC found that it was unlikely that the acquisition would result in Cabcharge supplying inferior dispatch systems or withholding technology features from rival networks.

ACCC will not oppose proposed sale of Aurizon’s Queensland intermodal business

The ACCC notes today’s announcement by Aurizon about the sale of its Queensland intermodal business to Linfox.

The ACCC has considered the Linfox proposal, and has decided that a public review of the transaction is not required, as we do not consider the acquisition by Linfox will give rise to a substantial lessening of competition.

ACCC won’t oppose Arrow and Apotex merger

The ACCC has decided not to oppose the merger of generic pharmaceutical companies Arrow and Apotex.

Arrow and Apotex both import and distribute generic prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. Combined, they will supply around half the market for generic prescription pharmaceuticals to pharmacies in Australia. However, after market inquiries and analysis of documents and data, the ACCC considers that the transaction will not substantially lessen competition in any market.