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NBN plan speeds pick up for most consumers

Australians are benefitting from faster average download speeds, the ACCC’s eighth Measuring Broadband Australia report reveals, with retail service providers (RSPs) now delivering more than 80 per cent of maximum plan speeds in the busy evening hours.

The latest Measuring Broadband Australia report, based on speed tests carried out during November 2019, shows Australian broadband plans achieved average download speeds of 85.3 per cent of their maximum possible speeds during the busy evening hours of 7pm to 11pm.

Telco Superfone in court for alleged misleading telemarketing claims

The ACCC has instituted proceedings against telecommunications provider Superfone Pty Ltd (Superfone) for alleged false or misleading representations, and for alleged breaches of laws designed to protect consumers from issues arising from unsolicited telemarketing sales.

Superfone is a reseller to consumers of mobile, landline and internet services which use major telecommunication companies’ networks.

Optus to pay $6.4 million for misleading NBN disconnection claims

Optus Internet Pty Limited and Optus Mobile Pty Limited (Optus) have been ordered by the Federal Court to pay $6.4 million in penalties for making misleading claims about home internet disconnections to consumers, following proceedings brought by the ACCC.

On 24 May 2018, Optus emailed 138,988 of its own mobile customers claiming their existing home broadband services, provided by Optus’ competitors, would be ‘disconnected very soon’. The email encouraged the customers to change to Optus NBN Broadband, telling them to ‘make the switch, before it's too late’.

Differences in RSP download speeds are growing

Optus has delivered the highest percentage of maximum download speeds during the busy evening period, ahead of TPG, which was the fastest retail service provider (RSP) for download speeds in five previous ACCC reports.

All RSPs delivered average NBN download speeds of between 76 per cent and 87 per cent of maximum plan speeds during the high-demand evening hours in August 2019, the latest ACCC Measuring Broadband Australia report, released today, shows.