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About the National Broadband Network

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a government initiative to upgrade Australia’s broadband infrastructure. This upgrade—involving fibre, fixed wireless and satellite technologies—will provide consumers with faster broadband connections. It will also result in a significant change in how fixed-line phone and internet services are provided to consumers.

Moving your phone & internet services to the NBN

The National Broadband Network Company is rolling out the NBN across Australia. The NBN will change how your landline phone and internet services are delivered.

ACCC decision may lead to lower prices for SMS services

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has concluded its inquiry into the regulation of mobile terminating access services (MTAS). The ACCC has decided to continue to regulate mobile voice termination services for a further five years, and to regulate SMS termination services for the first time.

To make calls using a mobile phone it must be connected to a mobile phone network. Whenever a call or SMS is made across different networks, the receiving network may charge a fee to carry (or terminate) the call. The ACCC has decided to regulate these fees for SMS services.

Medical & security alarm compatibility

Please note that the information on this page is under review and will be updated shortly.

Consumers who use medical and security alarms should check to make sure they will continue to work when they switch to the National Broadband Network (NBN).

Medical and security fixed-line alarms

All services that use the traditional copper phone lines (i.e. your home phone and internet services) will be moved across to the NBN as it is rolled out around Australia.