Fuel facts: diesel

Factors that influence the price of diesel fuel in Australia

Fuel facts: automotive LPG

Factors that influence the price of automotive liquefied petroleum gas in Australia

Ethanol pricing quarterly reports

In August 2006 the Treasurer asked the ACCC to provide quarterly reports on the differential between E10 and unleaded petrol prices. The ACCC provided four reports on a quarterly basis until September 2007.

Fuel and petrol

The ACCC has a Ministerial Direction to monitor prices, costs and profits relating to the supply of petroleum products in Australia for 3 years, beginning on 19 December 2019. Under the direction, we prepare quarterly petrol monitoring reports focusing on price movements in the capital cities and over 190 regional locations across Australia. We also prepare reports on particular issues of interest in the industry.

Petrol and fuel

In Australia, petrol, diesel and automotive LPG prices are deregulated – that is, they are not controlled by the government. The market determines Australian fuel prices. Fuel prices go up and down due to a mix of factors, including both overseas and local market forces.