End of the term

The Code does not require that you extend a franchise agreement or enter into a new agreement once the term of the agreement ends. However, as mentioned previously, you must notify the franchisee in writing whether you intend to extend the term or enter into a new agreement with the franchisee.

Restraints of trade

If the franchisee seeks to extend the agreement and you decide against the extension, the Code may provide protection to the franchisee if you later attempt to enforce a restraint of trade clause against them.

The protection will only apply if:


The Code does not provide you with a right to terminate a franchise agreement. Whether you have the right to terminate an agreement, and in which circumstances, will normally be determined by the terms of your franchise agreement.

What the Code does is require you to follow certain processes if you propose to terminate a franchise agreement.


The Code does not provide a franchisee with an automatic right to transfer their franchise agreement to a third party. What the Code does is provide a process by which a franchisee may seek your consent to a transfer.


Record-keeping is necessary to both monitor, and provide evidence of, compliance with the Code and any other applicable legislation. Under the Code you are required to generate or publish certain documents such as disclosure documents, franchise agreements and marketing fund statements.

In addition, if the Code requires, or allows, a franchisee or prospective franchisee to give something to you in writing, you are required to keep this type of document or a copy of it. This includes any documents provided electronically. For example, you must keep the following documents:

Marketing fees & capital expenditure

Dealing with marketing and advertising fees

If you operate a marketing fund, the Code imposes certain restrictions on how you deal with the marketing and advertising fees contributed to that fund.

Firstly, you must maintain a separate bank account for marketing and advertising fees. You must also contribute to the fund on the same basis as other franchisees for each company-owned store that you operate.

Marketing and advertising fees may only be used to meet expenses that:

Your franchise agreement

Freedom of association

You must not restrict or impair the freedom of existing or prospective franchisees to form an association or their ability to associate with one another for a lawful purpose.

General releases and waivers

You must not require a franchisee to sign a general release of the franchisor from liability towards the franchisee.

In addition, a franchise agreement must not contain, or require a franchisee to sign a waiver of any verbal or written representation that you have made.4