Competition and Consumer Act 2010

Clarification of ACCC Chairman’s comments in The Australian Financial Review 6 January

As part of a wide ranging interview on the year ahead the Chairman of the ACCC, Mr Rod Sims, welcomed the coming Root and Branch competition review. He said the review will be extremely important in terms of addressing impediments to competition which will benefit the economy generally. 

He also said that the competition review was likely to address the role of government in markets, and then went on to say that, generally, the private sector will run commercial enterprises more efficiently than government.

A future regulatory outlook

Addressing the University of Wollongong’s SMART international infrastructure symposium, ACCC Chairman Rod Sims discusses the role that appropriate infrastructure regulation can play in the wider productivity debate. Mr Sims explains the key factors underpinning efficient infrastructure in the areas of land transport, shipping, electricity, communications and water.   

ACCC publishes updated informal merger review process guidelines

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has released the ACCC’s Informal Merger Review Process Guidelines 2013. This follows a consultation process on a draft of the Guidelines with key stakeholders in July, including detailed discussions with the Law Council of Australia.

“The Informal Merger Review Process Guidelines have been updated to reflect important recent developments in the ACCC’s approach to merger reviews, as well as incorporating some additional changes aimed at improving efficiency and transparency,” ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said.

Chairman's address: Law Council of Australia

In a wide-ranging address to the Law Council's AGM in Sydney, Chairman Rod Sims outlines the ACCC's priorities. Mr Sims discusses the importance of infrastructure regulation and provides an update on the ACCC's compliance and enforcement activities, including a focus on product safety. He also explains the ACCC's approach to merger reviews and foreshadows changes to the process guidelines and separately the ACCC’s commitment to engaging in the wider Asian region. Mr Sims also pays tribute to the Trade Practices Commission’s first Chairman, Ron Bannerman.

Small business & the Competition and Consumer Act

This publication is designed to help small businesses understand their key rights and responsibilities under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and the Australian Consumer Law.

Section 87B of the Competition & Consumer Act

These guidelines outline the ACCC’s current approach to administering s. 87B in connection with its enforcement activities.

Guidelines on the use of infringement notices

This guide provides background information and general guidance to businesses and their advisors on our approach to issuing infringement notices under the Competition and Consumer Act.