Competing fairly

Grocery update: AFGC Leaders Forum

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Chairman Rod Sims provides an update on grocery issues at the Australian Food & Grocery Council Leaders Forum in Canberra. He talks about the Food and Grocery Code of Conduct, misleading health claims, recent work in agriculture and the ACCC's role in assisting with competition issues and free trade agreements.

Enhancing competition in retail

At the AFR Retail Summit in Melbourne, ACCC Chairman Rod Sims discusses three related themes around competition and retail; first, removing restrictions, and using the competition laws to good effect; second, addressing misuse of bargaining power in the supply chain; and third, how consumer protection plays an important role in creating a level playing field and underpinning competition and our market economy.

How collective bargaining can benefit farmers and small businesses

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Deputy Chair Michael Schaper has today launched a new guide for small businesses and farmers on the potential benefits of collective bargaining.

A collective bargaining arrangement allows two or more competing businesses to jointly negotiate with a supplier or a customer over terms, conditions, and prices. Where the ACCC is satisfied that the arrangement provides an overall public benefit, it can allow conduct which may otherwise be prohibited by the Competition and Consumer Act.