How the ACCC's review of transmission regulation affects you

This factsheet explains what transmission is, how regulating it has been important for you, and what the ACCC is doing about transmission services today.

ACCC commences a review of the Domestic Transmission Capacity Service and fixed line services

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has commenced declaration inquiries for the Domestic Transmission Capacity Service (DTCS) and six fixed line services.

The DTCS is a type of transmission service, often referred to as backhaul. Transmission services are high capacity wholesale services that carry large volumes of voice, data and video traffic. The DTCS is often used by telecommunications companies to carry the combined traffic of separate services across long distances.

ACCC consults on variations to NBN Co Special Access Undertaking

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has today released a draft variation notice setting out proposed changes to the Special Access Undertaking (SAU) offered by NBN Co.

If accepted by the ACCC, the SAU would be a key part of the framework that governs the price and other terms upon which NBN Co will supply services over its fibre, wireless and satellite networks to telecommunications companies, up until 2040.

How the ACCC rules for wholesale broadband services benefit you

The ACCC promotes competition among internet service providers by setting rules for how Telstra supplies wholesale broadband services.

Telecommunications - competition notice guidelines

Telecommunications carriers and carriage service providers are prohibited from engaging in anti-competitive conduct.

Telecommunications services - declaration provisions

This guide sets out the regime under which providers of carriage services and of services supplied by means of carriage services, can access specific services to conduct their businesses.

Telecommunications industry - ACCC role

This publication gives an overview of the new legislative and regulatory regime, insofar as it relates to the ACCC's regulatory responsibilities.