Form of compliance reports

The ACCC has approved the attached forms for reports that relate to a corporation's compliance with a functional separation undertaking to which it is a party. These forms have been approved for the purposes of paragraphs 151A(10)(b), 151C(10)(b) and 151C(11)(b) of the Telecommunications Act 1997.

Final determination

On 18 December 2020, the ACCC issued the Telecommunications (Permitted Information Sharing for Joint Functional Separation Undertakings) Determination 2020. This determination specifies the kinds of information provided by carriers and carriage service providers to retailers that may be shared with wholesalers bound by the same joint functional separation undertaking.

Carrier separation rules

In August 2020, amendments to the Telecommunications Act 1997 came into effect that remove the requirement for superfast fixed line broadband network operators serving residential customers to operate on a wholesale-only basis subject to the ACCC accepting a functional separation undertaking submitted by the network operator.