December quarter 2018 report

The NBN Wholesale Market Indicators Report is prepared quarterly for the ACCC by NBN Co as part of the NBN Services in Operation Record Keeping Rules. The report provides an overview of the NBN wholesale market with a focus on residential broadband access services (Traffic Class 4 or TC4).

NBN broadband speeds much improved for most, but not all

Competition among internet service providers (ISP) to perform well in the ACCC’s speed tests is delivering good results for fixed-line NBN customers, although some consumers continue to receive substantially slower speeds than typically available to other consumers on the same plan.

This third ACCC Measuring Broadband Australia (MBA) report, prepared for the ACCC by SamKnows, provides new data on the performance of NBN services from major ISPs.


On 26 October 2018, NBN Co provided the ACCC with a formal notice to withdraw its proposed variation to its SAU.

On 2 November 2018, the ACCC published a statement on the withdrawal of the SAU variation.

LTRCM 2017-18

The ACCC must publish an annual Long Term Revenue Constraint Methodology (LTRCM) determination in respect of the Annual Building Block Revenue Requirement (ABBRR), the Regulatory Asset Base (RAB) and the Initial Cost Recovery Account (ICRA) for the Initial Regulatory Period.

Challenges and opportunities in a 5G world

The rollout of 5G networks in Australia will have a significant impact on broadband markets, including the NBN, ACCC Chair Rod Sims said in a speech delivered at RadComms 2018 today.

Mr Sims said an interesting dynamic is developing between mobile networks and the NBN in Australia, because 5G networks will be the first generation of mobile technology capable of delivering broadband services comparable to fixed services in terms of speed and capacity.

“Mobile broadband services may become more of a viable substitute for fixed broadband,” Mr Sims said.