Cartel - The Marker DVD

A film about cartel activity and its consequences available for order on DVD or view it online.

ACCC immunity & cooperation policy for cartel conduct

The ACCC immunity and cooperation policy for cartel conduct sets out the policy of the ACCC in relation to applications for immunity from ACCC-initiated civil proceedings by those involved in cartel conduct, and how cooperation provided to the ACCC by cartel participants will be recognised.

Japanese cable supplier to pay $1.35 million penalty for cartel conduct

The Federal Court in Adelaide has today ordered a penalty of $1.35 million against Japanese cable supplier Viscas Corporation in respect of bid rigging and price fixing conduct in proceedings brought by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

The penalty follows Viscas admitting that, in September 2003, it reached an anti-competitive arrangement with other Japanese and European suppliers of land cables in relation to an invitation to tender issued by Snowy Hydro Limited.  The terms of the arrangement were that:

Price fixing

It is illegal for competitors to work together to fix prices rather than compete against each other. This conduct restricts competition, and can force prices up and reduce choices for consumers and other businesses.

Bid rigging

Bid rigging, also referred to as collusive tendering, occurs when two or more competitors agree they will not compete genuinely with each other for tenders, allowing one of the cartel members to ‘win’ the tender. Participants in a bid rigging cartel may take turns to be the ‘winner’ by agreeing about the way they submit tenders, including some competitors agreeing not to tender.