ACCC social media sweep targets influencers

The ACCC has this week started a sweep to identify misleading testimonials and endorsements by social media influencers. It will also look at more than 100 influencers mentioned in over 150 tip-offs from consumers who responded to the ACCC’s Facebook post asking for information.

Most of the tip-offs from members of the public were about influencers in beauty and lifestyle, as well as parenting and fashion, failing to disclose their affiliation with the product or company they are promoting.

ACCC internet sweeps target 'greenwashing', fake online reviews

The ACCC has today launched two internet sweeps to identify misleading environmental and sustainability marketing claims and fake or misleading online business reviews.

The sweeps are being conducted over the coming weeks as part of the ACCC’s compliance and enforcement priorities for 2022-23, with the broad aim of identifying deceptive advertising and marketing practices by businesses or industries.

ACCC to examine competition and consumer concerns with social media

The ACCC’s Digital Platforms Services Inquiry will examine the state of competition for social media services in Australia as part of the sixth interim report of the ACCC’s five-year Digital Platform Services Inquiry.

The ACCC will also consider potential consumer issues, including the way that businesses are using social media advertising services such as display advertising, sponsored posts and paid influencers to engage with and advertise to consumers.