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AAT Administrative Appeals Tribunal

ABA Australian Bulk Alliance

ACCC Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

ACL Australian Consumer Law

ACMA Australian Communications and Media Authority

AEMC Australian Energy Market Commission

AER Australian Energy Regulator

AGS Australian Government Solicitor

APS Australian Public Service

ARFF aviation rescue, fire fighting

ARTC Australian Rail Track Corporation

ASIC Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Appendix 11: Major regulatory reports and reviews in 2014−15



  • AER statement of intent 2015–16, June 2015
  • Electricity distributors 2011–13 performance report, June 2015
  • Victorian electricity distribution businesses’ public fire start reports—2014, June 2015
  • Prices above $5000/MWh—5 March 2015 (Qld), May 2015
  • Transmission service standards compliance reports 2014: Powerlink, TasNetworks, ElectraNet, Directlink, Murraylink and TransGrid, April 2015
  • Transmission service standards compliance report 2014: AusNet Services, March 2015

Appendix 10: Draft and final decisions in relation to regulated industries in 2014−15


Electricity transmission decisions

  • Final decision: Replace the Framework and Approach, which is to apply for the 2017–2022 regulatory control period for Powerlink, June 2015
  • Draft decision: Service target performance incentive scheme—version 5, June 2014
  • Decision: Approved ElectraNet’s proposal seeking early application of the network capability component of the service target performance incentive scheme (STPIS) in its current 2013–18 regulatory control period, May 2015

Appendix 9: Litigation matters, review proceedings and tribunal proceedings in 2014−15


Goal 1: Promote vigorous lawful competition and informed markets

Litigation concluded in 2014−15


Renegade Gas Pty Ltd, Speed-E-Gas (NSW) Pty Ltd & Ors

commenced | 23 August 2012
concluded | 24 October 2014
jurisdiction | Federal Court Sydney
outcome | Penalties totalling $8.3 million and $600 000 contribution to ACCC costs. Injunctions and disqualification order and compliance training.