Ladder safety matters

The national education campaign ‘Ladder safety matters’ encourages older Australian men to stop and think before they use a ladder.

Ban on excessive surcharging by large businesses starts today

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is reminding large businesses of a new ban on charging consumers excessive payment surcharges, which commences today.

“The new law limits the amount a large business can charge customers for use of payment methods such as most credit and debit cards. Businesses can only pass on the permitted costs of the payment method such as bank fees and terminal costs,” ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said.

Ozsale pays $10,800 penalty for alleged consumer guarantee misrepresentation

Online retailer Ozsale Pty Limited (Ozsale) has paid a penalty of $10,800 after being issued with an infringement notice by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission following an investigation into Ozsale’s consumer guarantees policies and practices.

Ozsale operates ‘flash sales’ websites including,,, and

Steer clear of tax scams

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is urging Australians to hang up on and delete tax scams after more than $1 million was reported lost to Scamwatch already this year, with over 300 people reporting that they lost money to tax scams in the first half of the year. This is compared with 400 people who reported losing money in the 12 months previous, with $1.6 million lost in total.

Market studies

We undertake in-depth market, sector or industry reviews with the aim of improving our understanding of industry practices and dynamics in those sectors. We publish our reviews in a formal report to help inform consumers, encourage public debate over competition and consumer matters and inform policy consideration.

Unilever and Smith's pay penalties for misleading healthy food representations

Unilever Australia Limited (Unilever) and The Smith’s Snackfood Company Pty Ltd (Smith’s) have each paid a penalty of $10,800 following the issue of infringement notices by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for misleading healthy food representations.

The ACCC had reasonable grounds to believe both companies made false or misleading representation on the packaging of popular products they supply that the products had been approved or were suitable as healthy options for school canteens.

Your rights when you buy something

This guide explains your consumer rights and the steps you can take to resolve problems. It is written in Easy English, which is more accessible for people who have difficulty reading and understanding written information.