Consumer guarantees - Repair Replace Refund postcard

This bi-fold postcard was produced to raise awareness among secondary school students about their rights when buying goods and services under the consumer guarantee’s provisions contained in the Australian Consumer Law.

Consumer guarantees - Repair Replace Refund brochure

Eight simple rules you can use to find out when it is time to use your rights.

Consumer guarantees - a guide for consumers

In this booklet you will find answers to some of the questions most commonly asked by consumers.

Computerised gambling systems

Computerised gambling systems are consistently one of the top 20 complaint categories.

Compliance & enforcement

How regulators enforce the Australian Consumer Law.

Cartel - The Marker DVD

A film about cartel activity and its consequences available for order on DVD or view it online.

Buying energy from an onseller

This pamphlet explains your rights when you purchase energy from an onseller.

Button battery

Coin-sized lithium button batteries can cause severe injuries when swallowed.

Bunk beds: safety alert

This brochure outlines the safety features to look out for before buying a bunk bed.