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  1. Private health insurance report 2012-13 ( PDF 468.61 KB | DOC 126.5 KB )

    10 December 2013 - private health insurance (PHI) include: • The Medicare Levy Surcharge (MLS) which is levied on taxpayers who do not have hospital cover and who earn above a certain income in the financial year. To avoid paying the surcharge a taxpayer must hold … Insurance Ombudsman, Medicare Levy Surcharge, (20 November 2013), …
  2. ACCC Consumer Survey Private Health Insurance Final Report ( PDF 1.52 MB | DOCX 11.63 MB )

    20 October 2015 - insurance primarily to avoid having to pay the Medicare levy surcharge. The less satisfied participants felt that policies were … done this), and some mentioned intending to drop all cover and pay the Medicare levy surcharge instead. 1.1.7 Policy … an insurer based on price alone, and have done so to avoid paying the Medicare levy surcharge. This group of consumers have …
  3. Private Health Report 2013-14 ( PDF 659.25 KB | DOC 392 KB )

    20 October 2015 - Statements Information regarding pre-existing conditions Accident and emergency Medicare levy surcharge/Government rebate … to pay the Medicare levy surcharge and LHC loading. Some industry participants also claim that insurers present information …