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  1. Part X investigation into the conduct of parties to the Asia-Australia Discussion Agreement (AADA) (2003)

    16 August 2013 - Adjustment Factor BSC-BAF Bunker Surcharge/Bunker Adjustment Factor EHO-LOLO Equipment Handover- Load Off Load On Fee THC … of surcharges that are forced on importers. With those comments clearly in mind we make this formal submission. Allow us to open … similarity when increasing rates and surcharges and it is with regret that, apart from a handful of major retailers, including …
  2. Part X investigation into alleged breach of section 10.41 of the TPA by the Australia to Europe Liner Association (2006)

    11 August 2005 - NOTICE TO SHIPPERS BUNKER SURCHARGE - EUROPE As a result of the weekly Blanker review conducted in accordance witherarig … between these surcharges and currency and fuel price fluctuations3. These findings are pertinent to the current dispute between APSA and AELA in that, in relation to surcharges, shippers have felt the information asymmetry hardest. Shippers …