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  1. ACCC to reauthorise agreement to not advertise infant formula, seeks submissions on toddler milk advertising

    1 March 2021 - Manufacturers and Importers Agreement” (MAIF Agreement) is a voluntary agreement that restricts the advertising and promotion … and the ACCC is concerned about the extent to which this might be eroding the public benefits from the MAIF Agreement. “Restricting … public register at Infant Nutrition Council Limited . Background The MAIF Agreement forms part of Australia’s implementation …
  2. Restrictions on marketing of infant formula reauthorised

    27 July 2021 - Manufacturers and Importers Agreement (MAIF Agreement) has been authorised until 31 July 2024 after the ACCC accepted that the MAIF … Signatories to the MAIF agreement are not able to promote infant formula but are free to advertise toddler milk products. Studies … of Marketing of Breast-Milk Substitutes (1981). The MAIF Agreement has been authorised in more or less its current form since 1992 …
  3. Agreement to restrict advertising of infant formula

    15 July 2016 - public health benefits. The Marketing in Australia of Infant Formula: Manufacturers and Importers Agreement (MAIF) has been … into account a wide number of views from interested parties regarding ways the MAIF Agreement could be improved. While most interested parties were of the view that the MAIF Agreement should continue to be authorised, views differed on the appropriate …
  4. ACCC proposes to re-authorise infant formula marketing code

    29 October 2015 - MAIF Agreement), is a voluntary, self-regulatory code which governs the marketing of infant formula for infants up to 12 months. It has been authorised since 1992. “The MAIF Agreement is a cost-effective way to help protect and promote … 29 October 2015 The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has proposed to re-authorise an agreement