Water guides

The ACCC has released a number of guides to assist irrigators, infrastructure operators and governments in the Murray-Darling Basin to understand the requirements of the water market rules and the water charge rules.

About the guides

The guides are specifically targeted to assist:

  • irrigators to understand how they can manage their water rights
  • infrastructure operators to comply with the requirements of the water charge rules and water market rules, and
  • governments disclosing the charges they determine.

Note: these guides were developed to assist you to understand your general rights and obligations under the rules and do not constitute legal advice.

Information for irrigators

The two guides below provide information to assist irrigators to understand the process of transforming, terminating and selling your water entitlement under the Water market rules and Water charge (termination fees) rules.

Information for infrastructure operators

The ACCC has prepared the following guides to assist water infrastructure operators to understand the compliance requirements of the water market rules and water charge rules.

Information for governments

This guide provides information for departments and authorities responsible for publishing water planning and management information on how such information can be published to comply with the rules.

More information

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