Superfast broadband access service final access determination inquiry 2016

Combined SBAS and LBAS final access determination inquiry draft decision9 January 2017

On 9 January 2017, the ACCC released its draft decision for the combined SBAS and LBAS final access determination public inquiry.

The draft decision price terms and conditions for access for the SBAS and LBAS, include:

  • Benchmarking the entry level (residential grade) product to NBN prices, for non-Telstra networks, as they change over time
  • Benchmarking the entry level Telstra fibre access broadband service to service-specific cost estimates for the wholesale ADSL service
  • Exempting providers of the SBAS who supply 12,000 or less end-users from all standard access obligations
  • Taking account of the Government’s proposed industry levy on superfast local access lines, to help fund NBN Co’s supply of non-commercial services.

UXC Consulting provided expert advice on the costs to small providers of supplying the SBAS. A public version of the report is available below.

The ACCC has referred to confidential information provided by Telstra, Frontier Networks, Spirit Telecom and Clublinks in its draft report. Parties who have confidentiality arrangements in place with Telstra, Frontier Networks, Spirit Telecom and/or Clublinks can obtain confidential versions of the ACCC’s draft decision from these providers.

Submissions on the draft decision closed on 17 February 2017.

You can find further details on our consultation hub.