Fixed line services final access determinations inquiry 2013

Draft decision11 March 2015

The ACCC released its draft decision on the primary price terms for the declared fixed line services on 11 March 2015. The report also covers the ACCC’s draft decisions on the supplementary Internal Interconnection Cable (IIC) charge and on geographic and carrier specific exemptions.

The ACCC is also releasing with the draft decision a public version of the updated Fixed Line Services Model (FLSM v 2.0) it used to estimate the draft prices for the regulated services.

Confidential versions of the ACCC’s draft decision and FLSM v 2.0 are available to access seekers who have confidentiality arrangements in place with Telstra. The confidential consultant’s report commissioned by the ACCC is also available to access seekers under the confidentiality arrangements.

The ACCC invites submissions on the draft decision by 30 April 2015.