NBN Co - Special Access Undertaking

LTRCM 2013-14 31 October 2014

On 31 October 2014, NBN Co submitted to the ACCC a set of regulatory information for 2013–14 as well as for each prior financial year as required under Schedule 1F of NBN Co’s Special Access Undertaking (SAU).

Under Schedule 1E.1.2 of the SAU, the ACCC must publish an annual Long Term Revenue Constraint Methodology (LTRCM) determination in respect of the Annual Building Block Revenue Requirement (ABBRR), the Regulatory Asset Base (RAB) and the Initial Cost Recovery Account (ICRA) for the Initial Regulatory Period. In making its determination, the ACCC will assess whether NBN Co has complied with the relevant criteria, including prudency criteria, set out in the SAU.

The regulatory information submitted by NBN Co includes information about its compliance with the price controls set out in the SAU.

Public versions of NBN Co’s regulatory information reports are available below.