Broadband speed claims industry guidance

Industry guidance & 2019 review23 May 2019

The ACCC published its Report on effectiveness of broadband speed claims guidance and consultation on further enhancement in November 2018 and sought input on updating the guidance. The report outlined recent market developments and proposed enhancements to the guidance, including extending aspects of the guidance to services provided over fixed wireless networks, and contained questions for consultation.

On 23 May 2019, the ACCC published updated guidance, to improve clarity, maintain currency, and apply to services supplied over fixed wireless networks. A Consultation report on updating the guidance was also published, to provide a summary of key aspects of the submissions received in response to the consultation and the ACCC’s response.

The May 2019 version of the guidance was superseded by an October 2020 version.

The reports and submissions from the 2019 review can be viewed below.