Regulatory projects

Title Industry Type Status
Local number portability review & pricing principles Communications Guideline Finalised

The ACCC has outlined a number of pricing principles guidelines to refer to if required to arbitrate a number portability dispute.

Model price terms and conditions Communications Price determination Finalised

The ACCC held a consultation process about model price terms and conditions for the public switched telephone network (PSTN), unconditioned local loop service (ULLS) and local carriage service (LCS).

Bundling in telecommunications markets Communications Information paper Finalised

In August 2003 the ACCC released an information paper on bundling in the telecommunications industry.

Airservices Australia 2003 Airports Price notification Finalised

The ACCC released its final decision on 26 June 2003.

IAU variation 2003 Rail Undertaking variation Accepted
7 May 2003

ARTC applied for a slight variation to the Interstate Rail access undertaking 2002 on 4 March 2003

Reply paid 2003 Postal services Price notification Finalised
16 April 2003

On 26 March 2003 Australia Post provided the ACCC with a formal notification proposing to restructure the price of Reply Paid mail.

Letter pricing 2002 Postal services Price notification Finalised

In April 2002 Australia Post advised the ACCC of its intention to lodge a price notification under s. 22 of the Prices Surveillance Act.

Mobile terminating & originating access pricing principles Communications Price determination Finalised

In March 2002 the ACCC varied the GSM termination services declaration to make it technology neutral.

Local carriage service access exemption Communications Access exemption Finalised

In July 2002 the ACCC granted two separate exemptions in response to an application from Telstra for exemption from its obligations to supply the local carriage service to its competitors in CBD areas of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbance, Adelaide and Perth.

Airservices Australia 2002 Airports Price notification Finalised

On 25 July 2002 the ACCC decided that it did not object to the proposed increase.

Unconditioned local loop services pricing principles 2002 Communications Price determination Finalised

The ACCC declared the unconditioned local loop service (ULLS) in July 1999. In response to a discussion paper, submissions were received from several interested parties and these views were taken into account in developing the final report released in April 2002.

Local carriage services pricing principles 2002 Communications Price determination Finalised

The revised final report issued in April 2002 confirms the approach and includes indicative prices.

GSM technology neutral Communications Service declaration Finalised

In March 2002 the ACCC varied the GSM service declarations, including other mobile services currently in use and making the declarations technology neutral.

Ad Post 2001 Postal services Price notification Finalised

In December 2001 the ACCC decided not to object to the proposed phase out of Australia Post's Ad Post service.