Regulatory projects

Title Industry Type Statussort descending
Possible variation of the ULLS declaration 2007 Communications Access declaration Historical
May 2007

The ACCC's final view is that it is not satisfied that varying the ULLS service description at this time would promote the long-term interests of end users.

Operational separation of Telstra Communications Monitoring Historical

Prior to the commencement of the Structural Separation Undertaking (SSU), Telstra was subject to an operational separation framework which was intended to promote equivalence between Telstra wholesale and retail customers.

Domestic transmission capacity service declaration 2003-04 Communications Access declaration Finalised

Following a public inquiry in 2003-04, a new declaration for the domestic transmission capacity service started on 1 April 2004 and expired on 31 March 2009.

Domestic transmission capacity service pricing principles Communications Price determination Finalised

During 2003-04, the ACCC conducted a public consultation on pricing principles for the domestic transmission capacity service (DTCS), releasing its final report in September 2004. In the final report, the ACCC made pricing principles for the DTCS but did not set indicative prices.

The DTCS is a generic service that can be used for transmitting voice, data or other communications between transmission points located throughout Australia.

Access pricing principles for fixed line services review Communications Price determination Finalised

Given the legislative changes under the Telecommunications Legislation Amendment (Competition and Consumer Safeguards) Act 2010, the ACCC suspended the review of the access pricing principles for fixed line services.

The ACCC continued to analyse submissions and new information received in response to the review of the access pricing principles.

Telstra - Application for domestic PSTN originating access services exemptions Communications Access exemption Finalised

On 29 October 2008 the ACCC made two individual exemption orders exempting Telstra from the standard access obligations in respect of the supply of the Public Switched Telephone Network Originating Access (PSTN OA) service. The individual exemptions are subject to certain conditions and limitations and apply to:

Telecommunications transmission capacity service cost model & documentation Communications Price determination Finalised

The ACCC released the final version of the telecommunications transmission cost model in April 2008. The model was designed with the flexibility to calculate cost-based pricing for backhaul on any land based (terrestrial) or under sea (submarine) telecommunications transmission route in Australia.

Bundling in telecommunications markets Communications Information paper Finalised

In August 2003 the ACCC released an information paper on bundling in the telecommunications industry.

Telstra - 2007 & 2008 application for the DTCS exemptions Communications Access exemption Finalised

The ACCC released its final decision on 25 November 2008 in regards to Telstra's application seeking exemption from the standard access obligations of the DTCS.

Unconditioned Local Loop Service pricing principles & indicative prices 2008-09 Communications Review Finalised

In November 2007, as part of the ACCC's strategic review of the regulation of fixed services, the ACCC issued an Unconditioned Local Loop Service (ULLS) pricing principles determination. The final report was released on 4 June 2008.

Superfast broadband access service declaration inquiry Communications Access declaration Finalised
29 July 2016

On 11 September 2014, the ACCC commenced a declaration inquiry into whether a superfast broadband access service, such as the very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line (VDSL) service, should be regulated under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

Domestic transmission capacity service declaration 2009-2010 Communications Access declaration Finalised

On 30 September 2010 the ACCC issued a final report varying the domestic transmission capacity service (DTCS) declaration. In the final report the ACCC decided to vary the DTCS service description to include Ethernet network interfaces. The declaration expires on 31 March 2014.

Fixed line wholesale services pricing review 2009-2010 Communications Review Finalised

On 3 December 2009 the ACCC announced a fundamental review of the Access Pricing Principles for telecommunications services. As a result of the review, the ACCC decided to maintain the current pricing principles and indicative prices for fixed line services until 31 December 2010.

Closure of South Brisbane (QLD) Exchange Communications Compliance assessment Finalised

In July 2010, Telstra announced that it would be upgrading its existing copper network in South Brisbane to a fibre-to-the-premises network.