NBN Points of Interconnect POIs

Advice to government30 November 2010

The ACCC released its advice to government on the number and location of the initial POIs for the NBN that would best meet the long-term interests of end-users.

The ACCC considered that the initial POIs would best meet the long-term interest of end-users when they are located according to the following Competition Criteria:

  • it is technically and operationally feasible to allow interconnection (usually at an Ethernet aggregation switch)
  • there are at least two competitors with optical fibres within a nominated distance from that location which connect a site to an optical fibre network which is connected to a capital city, and:
    • deliver wholesale transmission services that are suitable for use by service providers who wish to connect to the NBN at that location
    • there is other evidence that the particular route is, or is likely to become, effectively competitive (such as long-term contractual arrangements for the acquisition of transmission services).