Measuring Broadband Australia program

Pilot program11 September 2015

The ACCC recently completed a pilot broadband performance monitoring and reporting program (Pilot Program). The Pilot Program tested approximately 90 Melbourne-based home fixed-line broadband connections on various technologies over a three-month period, with a particular focus on the technical and practical elements of introducing a future monitoring and reporting program.

Volunteers installed a hardware probe on their home connection and the probe ran a series of network performance tests. The metrics selected for testing included download/upload speeds, web browsing time, latency, packet loss, video streaming, jitter and DNS resolution.

On 11 September 2015, the ACCC released a report on the results from the Pilot Program. The report has been written for an industry audience that is interested in the methodology used and the type of results that have been generated in the Pilot Program.

A decision to proceed with a broadband monitoring and reporting program has not been made and any finalised program would involve further stakeholder consultation.



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