Bundling RKR

Project overview


In March 2003 the ACCC issued a record keeping rule (RKR) to Telstra seeking information to assess the effects of bundling on competition in telecommunications markets. The RKR requires Telstra to provide quarterly reports to the ACCC in relation to its various types of bundled services offered to residential customers.

The ACCC issued a revised bundling RKR to Telstra in March 2006 which includes various improvements to the information to be provided and specifies the reporting format to be used.

However, Telstra has been granted exemptions from its obligations to report on 'rewards packages' and information on revenue and discount data, specified in section 2 and section 4 of the RKR subsequently. The most recent exemption granted in February 2012 is in relation to 'homeline services' (section 1) and 'dial-up' and 'broadband' services (section 5).


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