Broadband performance monitoring & reporting program

Project overview


The ACCC is currently considering the introduction of a program to provide visibility over the performance of fixed broadband access networks such as the NBN and give consumers reliable and independent information on which to base their purchase decisions. This would involve:

  • collecting data on the performance of a representative sample of real world services across various fixed broadband access technologies, and
  • making summary information available to consumers in a way that would assist them in assessing the commercial offers that are available to them.

On 14 August 2013 the ACCC released a consultation paper inviting comment on the proposed program.

The ACCC subsequently released a position paper on 4 June 2014 that outlines the proposed program specifications in the event that the ACCC decides to proceed with the program.

As a natural extension of the ACCC’s work in pursuing a broadband monitoring and reporting program, the ACCC completed a three month Pilot Program that concluded in May 2015. On 11 September 2015, the ACCC released a report on the results from the program.

No decision on whether to proceed with a monitoring and reporting program has been made at this time.


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