Telstra's Migration Plan

Replacement Schedule 112 July 2016

On 8 July 2016 Telstra submitted Replacement Schedule 1 to the ACCC. Telstra has advised the ACCC that it did not receive any concerns or comments from wholesale customers or NBN Co on the proposed changes.

Replacement Schedule 1 outlines the process Telstra uses to effect business-as-usual disconnection of standard copper services.

Replacement Schedule 1 reflects MTM variations to the Migration Plan and the updated processes whereby NBN Co may use the existing copper network infrastructure for the purpose of supplying a new NBN service to an FTTN or FTTB-connected premises. Telstra will disconnect these copper services without the customer needing to place a disconnection order.

The ACCC is not required to approve Replacement Schedule 1 but may object to it if it does not comply with the Migration Plan Principles.

The ACCC considers that the Replacement Schedule 1 is consistent with the Migration Plan Principles and does not object to it.

Telstra intends to publish Replacement Schedule 1 on the Telstra Wholesale Customer Portal on 1 August 2016, from which time it will form part of the Migration Plan.