Telstra's Migration Plan

Regulatory forbearance for disconnection of Special Services dependent on Telstra's atomic clock21 May 2019

Telstra’s 'atomic clock', which is offered on Telstra’s legacy network, is not available on the National Broadband Network (NBN). Telstra and NBN Co have decided to defer the mandatory disconnection of critical infrastructure Special Services that are dependent on the legacy atomic clock.

On 9 May 2019 Telstra requested regulatory forbearance from existing disconnection requirements for Special Services dependent on Telstra’s atomic clock.

On 16 May 2019 the ACCC agreed to Telstra’s forbearance request subject to the condition that Telstra lodge a formal variation to the Migration Plan. The ACCC will consider the variation in accordance with the Migration Plan principles and consult publicly when Telstra submits the proposed variation.