Telstra's Migration Plan

Proposed disconnection process for FSAM32+30 January 2015

On 30 January 2015, the ACCC consented to Telstra’s proposed disconnection arrangements for premises in the Fibre Serving Area Modules number 32 and beyond (FSAM32+).

In making its decision, the ACCC took into account that these arrangements provide a greater level of service continuity to consumers than what is currently set out in the Migration Plan, and that Telstra will shortly submit a variation to the Migration Plan reflecting these arrangements, which will reflect the requirements set out in the Migration Plan Principles. Further, the ACCC did not receive any concerns from industry regarding the arrangements.

Telstra will convey this information to the relevant retail service providers so that they can put in place the necessary arrangements ahead of the first disconnections on 20 February 2015.