Telstra's Migration Plan

Notification of Excluded Event 6 July 2018

On 5 July 2018 Telstra notified the ACCC of an ‘Excluded Event’ under the Migration Plan in relation to scheduled disconnections of legacy services affected by the HFC pause announced by NBN Co in November 2017.

A copy of Telstra’s notification is below.

Telstra has advised that because of the ‘Excluded Event’, Telstra and NBN Co are working towards an agreement to extend the date for disconnections of legacy services (i.e. HFC and other services) in NBN rollout regions affected by the HFC pause.

Telstra has advised that the intention of the revised disconnection arrangements for these services is that, customers will have at least 6 months from when their rollout region is no longer subject to the HFC Pause to migrate their services to the NBN.