Telstra's Migration Plan

Consultation on Replacement Required Measure 425 November 2015

On 25 November 2015, Telstra provided the ACCC with the proposed replacement of Required Measure 4.

Replacement Required Measure 4 details the processes required to build Copper Paths at Premises which had been Permanently Disconnected, in order to supply both Special Services and Special Service Inputs to that Premises.

Telstra’s proposed changes to Required Measure 4 are necessitated by the move to a multi-technology NBN. The key change under the proposal is the inclusion of additional steps to the process of rebuilding Copper Paths where ownership of the relevant copper infrastructure has been transferred to NBN Co. The additional steps incorporate the need for Telstra to seek a licence from NBN Co for the use of the relevant copper infrastructure. The proposed changes also include the addition of a definitions section and consolidation of Telstra’s description of ordering and provisioning processes for Direct Special Services.

Telstra is currently consulting with its wholesale customers and NBN Co on the proposed changes. Should wholesale customers have any concerns arising from Replacement Required Measure 4, we would encourage them to engage with Telstra directly to make their views known.  On the conclusion of the consultation, Telstra is obliged under the Migration Plan to update the ACCC on the consultation and identify any changes made as a result of the consultation.

The ACCC is not required to approve Telstra’s proposed Replacement Required Measure 4 but may object to it if it is not compliant with the Migration Plan Principles. Subject to the outcome of the consultation between Telstra, its wholesale customers and NBN Co, the ACCC does not propose to object to Replacement Required Measure 4.

Wholesale customers should contact Telstra if they have any questions, comments or concerns in relation to Replacement Required Measure 4.